BISP Results July Check Your Cnic: New [online] 2023


Huge glad tidings for the poverty-stricken community of Pakistan have been recently shared by the Benazir Income Support Program.

The new installment distribution has been started with effect from 12 July, 2023.

 It specifically targets families that are already associated with BISP and are proven eligible for the scheme.

BISP Amount Delivery

An amount of about 9000 rupees is being delivered to the needy people at their nearest centers so that they may get served with this facility at ease.

The amount of 9000 Pakistani rupees will be transferred to the accounts of all the beneficiaries from 1 June to 12 July, 2023.


Process Stage

  • SMS Confirmation

A confirmation SMS from 8171 will be delivered to the registered phone numbers.

    Note that:

  • Only the newly registered eligible families
  • Or the already registered deserving families

will be receiving this SMS notification.

Any family or individual who has been proven disqualified based on their financial status will not receive the official SMS notification.

  • Center Allocation:

Centers have been allocated in various districts of Punjab for the validation of the applicants and their automated Biometric authentication.

You will be notified about your respective center and the specified visit date.

  • Money receival:

Important Instructions every applicant must follow when you are asked to visit the nearest facilitation center:

Some of the most important Instructions before going for the collection of monthly installments are:
1) Keep your National Identity card with you.

2) The registered SIM card with its active status should be with you at the time of claiming your installment.

3) You must complete your biometric verification first; thus, it is important that the registered member of the family should go to receive the payment.

4) As soon as the money gets transferred to your account, verify it immediately to avoid any misconception afterwards.

5) Always collect the receipt from the respective staff after you receive your installment successfully.

  • Money Withdrawal:

 As soon as the biometric validation process is complete, you will get the confirmation message about your successful receival of money by the Benazir Income Support Program.

You can then retrieve money from your account whenever you want.


What about the people who haven’t received their last installments?
   For those people who did not get their last installment will hopefully receive their   

      previous installment money along with the new installment.

      If they do not get it, they should immediately report this issue to the nearest facilitation


Is it important to maintain the active status of the registered SIM number?

     Yes, it is important as all the process relies on it. The SMS will be delivered on your mobile

     number and you will be informed about your allocated center.

Is the money withdrawal possible immediately?

Yes, the money is transferred to the accounts of the respective members and they can withdraw it right after the transaction.

Can we withdraw payment through the HBL ATM?

   Yes, the facility for drawing the cash from the nearest HBL ATM is also available for families

   to withdraw money immediately.

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