Chicken Price in Pakistan Today [Poultry Rate List] Updated

Chicken Price in Pakistan

Chicken Price in Pakistan: The poultry business is vital to Pakistan’s economy since the country’s citizens have a penchant for chicken and other poultry products. Businesses that raise chickens for human consumption prosper, so citizens have access to nutritious chicken and eggs. Over the past few years, the price of chicken has gone up and down for a variety of reasons. In 2023, let’s examine what drives the present price of chicken in Pakistan.

Chicken Price in Pakistan

The price of a live chicken in Pakistan on 11 June 2023 was Rs.550 per kg, while the price of a chicken in the retail market was Rs.780 and the price of chicken meat was Rs.900 per kg.

Live Chicken (زندہ چکن)1 KgRs.550.00
Chicken Liver (چکن لیور)1 KgRs.760.00
Skinless Chicken (جلد کے بغیر چکن)1 KgRs.810.00
Country Chicken (دیسی چکن)1 KgRs.1200.00
Chicken Price in Pakistan List
Chicken Price in Pakistan

Pakistani most consumed meat

Chicken prices in Pakistan have long been of great interest to locals and tourists alike. Its price is very sensitive to market forces such as supply and demand, seasonality, and political unpredictability, making it a highly volatile commodity. Chicken prices in Pakistan range widely depending on where you go and where you shop. Chicken prices for several cities in Pakistan are listed above; these prices are updated daily.

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The rising cost of production is mostly responsible for the sharp rise in the price of chicken in Pakistan during the past few years. The growing price of inputs like corn and soybean meal has pushed up the price of chicken feed, which accounts for a sizable portion of total production costs. Consumer prices have gone up as a direct effect of this rise in production costs.

What affects the price of chicken in Pakistan?

The cost of chicken in Pakistan is affected by a number of variables. Among these are:

  • Changes in Supply and Demand: 

Chicken prices in Pakistan are set by the industry’s supply and demand dynamics. The cost of chicken is expected to rise if demand exceeds supply. Similarly, if there is excess supply relative to demand, chicken prices are likely to fall.

  • Costs on a Global Scale: 

Chicken prices in Pakistan are very susceptible to fluctuations in international and surrounding country markets. Chicken prices in Pakistan are likely to increase if they have increased elsewhere.

  • Laws and Executive Orders: 

Pakistani chicken prices are affected by both supply and demand, as well as by government policies and regulations. To safeguard domestic producers, the government can levy tariffs on foreign chicken or cap domestic poultry product prices.

  • Climate Conditions: 

If the supply of chicken drops because of extreme weather conditions like prolonged cold or severe rainfall, the price of chicken will rise.

  • Availability of Chicken: 

Chicken prices in Pakistan are heavily influenced by the quantity of chicken on the market. Chicken prices tend to fall when supply increases and rise when demand decreases.

  • Exchange Rate:

The chicken price in Pakistan is heavily influenced by the exchange rate of the Pakistani rupee. Chicken costs could rise if the value of the rupee rises against the dollar.

In Conclusion

Several factors, including supply and demand, exchange rate, international chicken pricing, government regulations, weather, and the availability of chicken all have a role in setting the price of chicken in Pakistan. Market forces could cause the current price of chicken in Pakistan, which is between Rs. 140 and Rs. 150 per kilo, to rise or fall. Rising demand in the future years is expected to drive up the price of chicken.

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