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zewar e taleem program

In the 16 districts where the literacy rate is low and for the needy, deserving girls can avail of these stipends with a monthly Rs 1000 amount. The Next Prime Minister of Pakistan, Imran Khan, will be elected in October 2023. 

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When he was the PM in 2018 he started the Zewar e Taleem Program for the girls who can’t afford education and go to school but no money has to buy the basic things use in school like notebooks, pencils, pens, etc. in Punjab different district waseela e taleem program is started. The almost worth amount the Punjab govt allowed for this ehsaas programme is 6 billion for 1 year only for girls.

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The Punjab govt issued the Khidmat cards to every eligible girl to make Zewar-e Taleem Program transparent and clean, Rs 1000 amount govt deposit into the accounts, and every eligible girl can withdraw cash from a bank ATM with a khidmat card. The ex-CM punjab Buzdar, the PTI party member, issued the orders to give scholarships to almost 460,000 student girls, and girls school-going who are eligible with 80% attendance in class. 

Zewar e Taleem Program Ehsaas History 

Ex-PM Imran Khan took the initiative for the poor and middle-class students who can hardly afford education and can’t do the extra expense just because of limited resources of income, PM Imran Khan 2023 allowed them to carry on their studies with Rs 1000 monthly help.

Khadam e Punjab Zewar e Taleem Programme 2023 Scholarships

The Khidmat card that was issued by the Punjab govt is just like an ATM card eligible girls can withdraw money from ATMs with a Khidmat Ehsaas Card of amount Rs 1000. Now the sitting PM Shahbaz Sharif makes sure to increase the number of girls for the scholarship every month, Wazir e Taleem Punjab Dr. Murad Raas working on the orders.

In those areas where the education concept is very low, we can say almost zero, the government supports those girls who are getting an education in their bad time with limited sources of income, and whose parents hardly can afford their education. The literacy rate of our country will go up if the girls get an education because every girl becomes a wife and then a mother and an educated mother will give the education to her child. Waseela Taleem Program registration 2022 gets a high percentage who enrolled in the Ehsas program as compared to last year. 

Districts For Khadam e Punjab Zewar-e-Taleem Program

Khadam e Punjab started the first phase of the Zewar e Taleem program in Rajanpur, Bahawalpur, Muzaffargarh, Chiniot, Vehari, Jhang, Kasur, Okara, Layyah, Lodhran, Bhakkar, Khanewal, Pakpattan, Bahawalnagar, Rahim Yar Khan, and DG Khan, Govt still working on start the more cities and districts in Punjab.

The Punjab govt has worked to increase education, especially in girls, because more girls get an education then it will be helpful for the next whole generation they will be educated. The famous quote is “educate the girl, it means you educate the whole family”. Female education is necessary for our Pakistani culture some areas and cities and villages where no focus on women’s education, they don’t know how they are destroying the whole nation and family just with a single act.

Islam gives the taleem to educate the boy and girl that there is no gender issue in education. Education is a necessary part of life, and the Quran taleem is the most important part of any Muslim’s life. 

In Pakistan still in specific areas criticize girls’ education, because female education is not allowed but they don’t know that’s not the solution, in short, they are destroying their own families not the present generation but the next generations. In our wealthy society, people still do not agree to give education to women they believe in the old culture, but an educated mother can educate more boys on this philosophy they don’t think. 

Shahbaz Sharif once in his speech when he was in the ceremony of Khidmat cards distribution, the Zewar e taleem program is the best for women if you claim you belong to a poor family you can’t afford a girl’s education then you can Rs 1000 for the education. If people will not change their behavior they will not agree on girls’ education then be ready for the worst future because your boys will be not educated then as well and they will fail in the world race.

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The Prime minister took the very serious issue of this issue. He just took it like the war against women’s education, because it’s a system and mindset agenda of people working against girls’ education. He told me that where everything is necessary for boys and girls there, education is the most important part of the nation and the whole country if you want to grow. 

Zeware Taleem Program Apply Eligibility Criteria

The girls belong to a poor and middle-class families and the attendance must be 80%.

Who can Avail of This Card?

You are eligible for the khidmat card if you meet the following criteria

  • 6th to Matric class
  • Only girls
  • Attendance 80%

Last Date to Apply?

Go to the pep.pepsa.gop.pk and check. If you have any issues the zewar taleem complaint form download and complaint online

How to apply for the Zewar e Taleem Program? 

Click on the link and download the file to apply and the zeware taleem program helpline.

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