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Ehsaas Koi Bhoka Na Soye

Ex-Prime Minister Imran, A great Leader and honest leader has initiated in several cities to finish the hunger through the Program Ehsaas Koi Bhoka Na Soye, which gives the facility only to poor mazdoor and other deserving citizens. Initially, it was in some cities, but later on, the plan was to spread it all over Pakistan in every city.

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It designed and set up all the food items in an Ehsaas truck. In the truck, the daily meal was cooked and served to the people, and the daily routine had a different menu. It is free food for the poor and deserving people and also for labor. Every poor Pakistani citizen, n’t matter if they are men, women or children, can eat free food from the Ehsas Truck.

This Ehsaas Koi Bhoka Na Soye program is designed for those big cities where people have no access to the Ehsaas langar khanas. That’s the reason BISP has also started that program service.

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The cities Dr. Sania Nishtar chose by PM Imran Khan’s order are Islamabad, Lahore, Rawalpindi, Peshawar and Faisalabad. These cities are big. Some people have yet to approach the Ehsas Langar Khanas.

Ehsaas Koi Bhoka Na Soye Truck Services and Areas

The truck has all the facilities for cooking the food and serving it. It also has the facility to store the food in the truck. There are also cups, plates, jugs, dishes and other things in the truck to serve the food. The ihsas truck has the capacity for daily food for 1600 to 2000 people. There is no week off for the ehsas truck—all the days, weeks and months on his duty to serve the free food. 

Officially PM Imran Khan Niazi on January 1, 2021, announced the Ehsaas truck service of free food in 2 cities and later others. This plan was implemented in March 2021 in Islamabad and Rawalpindi, and after a month, the same service started in the other big cities, Peshawar and Islamabad and Lahore.

Ehsaas Koi Bhoka Na Soye

PM Imran Khan expanded the service fastly in several cities in Multan, Lahore, and Gujranwala, and cities also need the free Food Ehsas Truck service. That is the total truck in 16 and seven cities that were working. 

By the time service, we have expanded into many cities, 29 cities and 40 trucks totaled in October 2021—the number of people who planned to serve is 40,000 per day and 14 million people per year.

The Ehsaas Koi Bhoka Na Soye Program mostly runs on donations and charities by charities like Saylani Welfare International Trust for free food. Pakistan bait-ul-mal also provides free food in Ehsas Truck.

“Ehsaas Koi Bhooka Na Soye” was closed by PM Shahbaz Sharif.

The Prime Minister Closed down the EKBNS program because he just focused on the other programs. When it has started again, We will inform you here.

Any person can send the Donation to the Bank Al-Habib Account (EKBNS)

Title of Account: Ehsaas-Koye Bhooka Na Soye (EKBNS) Fund – 21

Account Number:1001-0081-184076-01-9


Ehsaas Koi Bhooka Nahi SoyeGa Eligibility Criteria 2023

The people in this Program started Free food for Old Age, daily wages, poor, low-salaried, unemployed and those who can’t access the Ehsaas langar Khana And Panagah.

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Ehsas Koi Bhoka Na Soye Cities List:

  1. Islamabad
  2. Rawalpindi
  3. Lahore
  4. Faisalabad
  5. Peshawar

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