How To Apply for a 5 Lakh Loan Without Interest In Pakistan 2023?

5 Lakh Loan Without Interest In Pakistan

PM Shahbaz Sharif, president of PMLN, has started the 5 Lakh loan without interest in Pakistan. That’s excellent news for the youth who have no work to do. This ehsaas loan program started for the youth who have no job, no work, and are unemployed. The Government has the basic logic behind that interest-free loans is Microfinance. It will increase the industry in Pakistan, and more and more people can get employment.

8171 Check Online 2023 Registration

Ehsaas program loan of 75000 is the starting amount and going up. In the next 5 years, 2.5 m people will be under the umbrella of PPEF. Who can apply for the interest-free loan visit here or visit the Ehsaas web portal 8171?

Ehsaas Loan Program Registration 2023 | احساس بلاسود قرضے

Prime Minister Interest-Free loan scheme online registration 2023 form can be found here to download from this post. Ehsas loan form fill and send it to the address of given. Prime minister scheme 2023 interest-free loan for the whole of Pakistan. Anywhere you can apply online for it, but before, check because it has in some areas yet to start.

Any candidate already getting the benefit financially from any other ehsaas program or ehsas loan scheme like the Benazir income support program (BISP) can also apply for the Bila Sood Qarza Scheme registration and forms available here. Download and apply.

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Other loan schemes like ehsaas akhuwat loan, ehsaas amdan loan, and ehsaas emergency cash loan can apply for the registration of any other family member.

Prime Minister Shahbaz 5 Lakh Loan Without Interest In Pakistan 2023

Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif has announced an Ehsas bila sood qarza of around 1 million to minor business persons. Within a few days, they will announce the procedure for the complete application submission. When they announce it, we will share it with the audience. Further, this is most beneficial for those who want to start a business but still need to start due to a lack of money. When they release the application procedure, we will share it with the audience.

5 lakh interest free loan

PM Shahbaz Sharif, the EX CM of Punjab, has announced the Ehsaas Bila Sood Qarza for needy Pakistani families to start their businesses and be eligible to run their own families. 5 Lakh Loan Without Interest In Pakistan will be for 1 Million people all over Pakistan to start a small business. The Government has opened ehsaas loan centers to facilitate the people. 

In just a few days, PM Shahbaz Sharif will announce the date of Ehsaas loan programs. People who want to start their own business are waiting for the announcement. Soon it will start.

5 Lakh Loan Without Interest In Pakistan Eligibility Criteria

The family or any head member of a family, if his income is less than 40,000 or if he has no income, even if she is a woman, can apply for the interest-free ehsaas loan program 2023-24. The poverty score is also given to check your eligibility, 18.5 to 40 between can apply for the ahsas loan scheme online in those areas where microfinance beneficiaries rate is meager, like 12% BISP giving priority to those areas and districts in the loan scheme 2023.

Ehsas program for a loan is for all genders like men, women, and transgender. Most women will get 50% of the budget of 5 Lakh Loan Without Interest In Pakistan in it only for the women. For the first time in history, the markup rate is 0%, and the loan return time is within 3 years. 

Ehsaas Loan Program Online Registration Form 2023

Beneficiaries can download the application form from loan of the Prime Minister Interest-Free Loan Scheme Registration 2023 without any charges, which is the official website. Just type it and download the loan form. If you need access online, you can visit your Union Council in your district and get the form.

Any person will get the amount of PM Interest-Free Loan Scheme from 50,000 to 5 lakh rupees. Pakistan Poverty Alleviation Fund is running that program. Also, Prime Minister Youth Program is handling it and still waiting for the last date to be announced by the Prime Minister of Pakistan. 

Ehsaas Loan Scheme Registration Last Date

In a time of poverty where it touches the high %, needy people are looking towards the Prime Minister Interest-Free Loan Scheme’s last date. The application form for the ehsaas loan is already filled out by people, but there has yet to be a date announced because people want to start their businesses to run their circle of home.

5 lakh interest free loan

Just remember this website or note it anywhere whenever the date is announced to submit the application form. In a short time, we update here the date of submission without wasting a single minute. Just remain in touch with this website.

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We have all the information about every ehsaas program 2023 and the 8171 web Portal on our website to check the eligibility of anyone. 8171 Portal installed at the start of the page. PM Shahbaz Sharif announced that it might be august 2023, the date of application submission.


  • 18 to 60 years old.
  • Valid CNIC
  • Visit Union Council in your District
  • Any plan of business.

Where to Apply for a 5 Lakh Loan Without Interest In Pakistan?

You can apply online by downloading the application 5 Lakh Loan Without Interest In Pakistan form, submitting it, and getting your union council. 

In case you have any questions, then call here at 051-111-000-102.


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