“98% of Ehsaas program Budget is Allocated for women”, Said by PM

Ehsaas program Budget

The ‘Ehsaas’ Social Welfare Program was launched as part of Prime Minister Imran Khan’s initiative to reduce poverty and speed up economic growth. Underrepresented groups, including women, widows, and individuals with disabilities, are targeted in this project to ensure them have equal access to economic opportunities. One of the many initiatives Ehsaas has developed is a fund that will direct 98% of its entire funding toward initiatives that specifically benefit women.

This funding demonstrates the government’s dedication to closing the gender pay gap, expanding economic possibilities for women, and ensuring their full financial inclusion. It highlights continuous efforts to equip women with resources and support to enable them to engage in the economy on equal footing with men.

The Ehsaas program will prioritize providing cash transfers and subsidies to the impoverished, widows, single moms, and people with disabilities. The program will also help women acquire new skills and gain access to finance in order to better their chances of finding gainful employment. Ehsaas will also help women-owned enterprises succeed, provide basic nutrition and education to children from low-income families, and provide access to family planning and maternal healthcare services.

Ehsaas program Budget

Some of the most important aspects of the Ehsaas Program to promote women’s economic participation are outlined below

  • A pension plan that will provide widows and single women with a steady stream of cash each month.
  • To help women start or grow their own companies, Microcredit programs provide low-interest loans.
  • Improved opportunities for homemakers to receive financial education and domestic assistance.
  • This program offers job placement and career counseling services specifically tailored to women who are actively seeking employment.
  • The establishment of women-only business centers to encourage enterprise creation and expansion.
  • More women would be able to pursue higher-paying careers if they had access to technical skills training and college grants.
  • Women in need of legal aid have access to a hotline and appointed advocates.
  • Having regular checkups and health insurance made available without cost.
  • Women of all ages and socioeconomic levels would benefit from an all-encompassing family planning and maternal health initiative.

The Ehsaas Program will pave the way for women in Pakistan to break down barriers and participate more fully in the country’s economic life. Efforts to improve the status of women will boost national prosperity and stability. Thus, it is commendable that 98% of the Ehsaas budget is dedicated to improving the economic and social status of women; this investment will pay dividends in the long run.

His risky plan is aimed at helping the poorest members of Pakistani society. Imran Khan is sending a message that he is serious about creating a more fair society in which women enjoy greater respect and more chances by allocating such large sums of money to this cause. The government of Pakistan has high hopes that this ambitious program will help them eliminate poverty and improve the lives of all Pakistanis.

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