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Tractor Price in Pakistan

Tractor Price in Pakistan: Pakistan relies heavily on agriculture for its economy. United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) data shows that in Pakistan, the agricultural industry provides income for 55 percent of the working population. Consequently, the Pakistani government has been working to strengthen the agricultural sector by launching a number of projects to improve and modernize the country’s aging infrastructure. The introduction of contemporary tractor technology is one such project, with the dual goals of modernizing farming and lowering labor expenses in the country. The price of a tractor in Pakistan depends heavily on the strength of its engine and the durability of its parts.

In 2023, these are some of Pakistan’s most popular tractor makes and models:

Tractor Price in Pakistan

Distinct Tractor Brands in Pakistan

Pakistan’s tractor market offers a variety of brands, each has its own reputation and customer base. Some of the most popular tractor brands in Pakistan include Massey Ferguson- Millat Tractors, New Holland- Al-Ghazi Tractors, Belarus Tractors, IMTBull Power Tractors and EURO Ford Tractors.

Tractor Price in Pakistan 2023

Below given are the brief explanation about the famous tractor companies, models and their distinct tractor prices in Pakistan 2023. So, let’s check out the most latest and accurate tractor prices in Pakistan with their relevant models.

Massey Ferguson- Millat Tractors

The Massey Ferguson-Millat Tractors brand is the result of a partnership between two industry heavyweights: American tractor maker Massey Ferguson and Pakistani tractor giant Millat Tractors. The alliance was formed so that the combined knowledge and resources of the two businesses could better serve the requirements of farmers of all stripes. Millat Tractors the manufacturer of Massey Ferguson tractors in Pakistan.

Massey Ferguson-Millat Tractors has a wide variety of models available, each tailored to meet certain needs in the agricultural industry. The Massey Ferguson-Millat Tractor is versatile enough to be used for both homesteading and industrial-scale farming.

Millat Tractor Price List and Models

Tractor Model Horse Power Price
MF-24050 HPRs. 1,375,500
MF-350 PLUS50 HPRs. 1,594,000
MF-26060 HPRs. 1,591,800
MF-360 (2-Wheel Drive)60 HPRs. 1,680,000
MF-360 (4-Wheel Drive)60 HPRs. 2,336,250
MF-375 (2-Wheel Drive)75 HPRs. 2,058,000
MF-375 (4-Wheel Drive)75 HPRs. 2,679,600
MF-385 (2-Wheel Drive)85 HPRs. 2,142,000
MF-385 (4-Wheel Drive)85 HPRs. 2,782,500
MF-455100 HPRs. 5,620,000
MF-470120 HPRs. 7,273,000

New Holland- Al-Ghazi Tractors

Al-Ghazi Tractors, a pioneer in the Pakistani tractor industry, joined forces with New Holland, a household name all over the world, to become New Holland-Al-Ghazi Tractors. They have earned a stellar reputation among farmers for their high productivity, dependability, and cutting-edge innovation. In the course of their many years working together, they have accomplished a great deal.

Thanks to this partnership, farmers may choose from a variety of models catered to their specific requirements. Different models offer different options and features, making them well-suited for specialized agricultural jobs.

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New Holland Tractor Price List

Tractor Model Horse Power Price
NH-480S55 HPRs: 1,382,535
NH-480 (Power Steering)55 HPRs. 1,441,440
NH-Ghazi65 HPRs. 1,593,900
NH-Ghazi (Disk-Brake)65 HPN/A
NH-64075 HPRs. 2,044,350
NH-640S85 HPN/A
NH-640S (Disk-Brake)75 HPN/A
NH-DABUNG85 HPRs. 2,113,650
NH 55-5655 HPN/A
NH 60-5665 HPN/A
NH 70-56 (4-Wheel Drive)85 HPRs. 2,777,775
TD-9598 HPN/A

EURO Ford Tractors

When it comes to productivity and efficiency in a wide range of agricultural and industrial applications, few brands can compare to EURO Ford Tractors. Because of their long history and constant innovations, farmers, builders, and landscapers have learned to rely on and like EURO Ford Tractors. This remarkable business provides a wide variety of tractors that unquestionably meet and exceed the requirements of farmers everywhere.

EURO Ford Tractor Price List

Tractor ModelHorse Power Price
Ford 385050 HPRs. 1,070,000
Ford 456060 HPRs. 1,210,000
Ford 588080 HPRs. 1,586,000

IMT- Bull Power Tractors

Bull Power Tractors are a new kind of revolutionary heavy equipment that has emerged in the current era. Because of their superior strength, endurance, and efficiency, these tractors are widely used in a variety of fields. Bull Power Tractors have repeatedly shown why they should be the first choice of agricultural businesses for both plowing fields and building infrastructure.

Tractor ModelHorse Power Price
Bull Power-54950 HPRs. 935,000
Bull Power-549S50 HPRs. 983,000
Bull Power-56560 HPRs. 1,079,000
Bull Power-565S60 HPRs. 1,117,000
Bull Power-577 76 HPRs. 1,428,000
Bull Power-577 Deluxe76 HPRs. 1,453,000
Bull Power-577 SE76 HPN/A
Bull Power-58585 HPRs. 1,487,000

Belarus Tractors

Pakistan and Belarus have formed a joint venture, MTW Pak Assembling Industries Private Ltd., to distribute and service Belarus tractors in Pakistan. The Company has sole ownership rights to the Belarus Trade Mark. Producing, assembling, importing, and selling Belarus tractor models in Pakistan is their official business. MTW is an abbreviation for Minsk Tractor Works, the group that produces Belarusian tractors.

Belarus tractors have a reputation for strength and power in Pakistan. Although it’s more costly than tractors from competitors like Massey Ferguson and Al Ghazi’s New Holland. Most commonly, sugarcane, fertilizer bags, and other bulky cargo are loaded onto these tractors for transportation. The use of large machinery in agriculture is another area where Belarus excels.

Prices of New Tractors in Pakistan (2023) for MF, NH, MTL, AGTL, IMT, and Belarus

The price of a tractor in Pakistan can range anywhere from Rs. 2,000,000 to Rs. 4,500,000; the amount of the tractor’s horse power establishes the upper limit.

Pakistan’s agricultural economy may see a dramatic change after 2023, when new tractor technology is introduced. Farmers will reap many benefits from this, including higher productivity, lower operating costs, more mechanization, and higher yields. However, the success of this technique depends on fulfilling the aforementioned conditions. Pakistan’s agricultural sector can be modernized and revitalized with the correct policies in place.

Millat Tractor

Millat Tractors offers a large range of models, each designed to fulfill specific farming requirements.

Product SKU: MF-240

Product Brand: Millat

Product Currency: USD

Product Price: RS 1,37,5,500

Price Valid Until: 2023-12-31

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