World Bank lists Ehsaas Cash Program Among the Top Global Social Protection Measures

ورلڈ بینک نے احساس کیش پروگرام کی فہرست جاری کردی

The World Bank has named Pakistan’s Ehsaas Cash Program as one of the world’s top social security initiatives. In 2019, Prime Minister Imran Khan established the Ehsaas program, which has since been hailed as one of the most effective social protection measures in more than 140 countries throughout the world.

The Ehsaas program gives low-income families a monthly stipend to help them buy food, housing, and healthcare. The primary goal of this cash assistance program is to help the poorest of the poor gain access to healthcare, education, and adequate nutrition.

The initiative has received support from influential organizations operating on a worldwide basis. On its list of the best social protection policies, the World Bank includes the Ehsaas Cash Program, along with other national social protection programs from throughout the world.

Some of the reasons why the Ehsaas Cash Program is so well-known as a social protection strategy worldwide include the following:

ورلڈ بینک نے احساس کیش پروگرام کی فہرست جاری کردی

Comprehensive support

All around Pakistan, disadvantaged households will receive complete support thanks to the program’s thoughtful design. Approximately 8 million households are currently enrolled in BISP, and its implementation has spread to 70 districts across the country. Ehsaas also helps those who are the most helpless, such as widows, orphans, and young people without access to education.

Enhancing the efficacy of social safety nets

By giving money to low-income families, Ehsaas is helping to speed up the growth of social safety nets in Pakistan. These resources aid low-income families in meeting their essential needs and staying out of poverty.

Food and medical care on a budget

Ehsaas’s widespread appeal stems, in large part, from the fact that it promotes low-cost medical treatment and food for everybody. This program gives low-income families access to healthcare and food assistance, which improves their health and protects them from further economic hardship caused by escalating medical expenditures.

The program confers the subsequent advantages

  • One of the largest cash transfer schemes in the world involves direct cash distributions to household members
  • Designed to assist low-income households, single mothers, the elderly, the disabled, and other vulnerable people by providing them with stronger safety nets
  • Combining preexisting safety nets and other initiatives to combat poverty
  • Boosting government oversight of spending through eliminating wasteful spending and unauthorized transfers of cash
  • Social protection delivery system improvements emphasizing justice and equitability

In addition to these benefits, Ehsaas Cash Program is also making concerted efforts to expand its profile on a global scale. In order to increase financial aid to low-income families in Pakistan, a recent international collaboration agreement was inked with the International Organization for Migration.

It is clear that the Ehsaas Cash Program is one of the world’s most exemplary social protection initiatives, and it is certain to continue to garner international attention in the years to come. For the poorest families in Pakistan, the program has been a lifesaver thanks to the comprehensive set of social safety nets it offers.

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