These 13 Photos Prove That New Jersey Is Actually The Creepiest U.S. State.

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Anyone who’s been to #New Jersey can tell you that there’s something not quite right about the Garden #State. No, it’s not because of dimly lit WaWas in the middle of nowhere, or how a state can be so proud of football teams named for another state. If you haven’t been to the Garden State, […]


‘Too Many Cooks’ Parody Sitcom Intro Will Drive You Insane

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Even today it’s easy to spot a sitcom that was made during the 90′s. The jazzy upbeat music, the friendly yellow lettering, each goofy family member being introduced one by one, it’s like every TV show was following the same formula.  Adult Swim parodied that ridiculous recipe in this outrageous spoof sitcom introduction that doesn’t seem to […]