Stunning Image Reveals Planets Forming In The Disk Around A Star

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Sometimes, when talking about space, it is difficult to put into words how truly amazingand mind-bendingly awesome something is. This image definitely fits into that category. What you are seeing here is the gaps in the disk around a star created by actual planets forming. Its truly stunning. Often, it can be hard to fathom […]


New Horizons Begins Life After Pluto By Studying Distant Solar System Object

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After the #New Horizons #spacecraft made its historic flyby of #Pluto in July 2015, the plan was always to send it further out of the #Solar System to study other objects. Now, the spacecraft has returned the first science from such observations. New Horizons observed a Kuiper Belt object (#KBO) on two separate occasions called […]


Infrared Maps Of Pluto Reveal Water-Ice And Its Scattered Atmosphere

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The first infrared #Pluto data from #New Horizons has been returned, and it reveals two interesting findings. The first is that water-ice is more widespread across the surface than thought, and the second showssunlight scattering in the dwarf planets atmosphere. The data was gathered by the Ralph/Linear Etalon Imaging Spectral Array (LEISA) instrument on board […]