Sugar Price in Pakistan Today 2023: Latest Rates of All Mills

Sugar Price in Pakistan

In Pakistan, sugar has played a significant role in the economy for millennia because it is a basic food. However, the country’s rapid population expansion and other socioeconomic shifts over the past few decades have pushed up the price of sugar and other essentials. In addition, the government has had difficulty adapting to shifting global market patterns, which have led to erratic sugar price increases and decreases. In this piece, we’ll take a peek into the future and predict what the sugar market will look like in 2023.

Sugar Price in Pakistan Today

In 2023, the following will be the price of sugar in Pakistan:

  • Sugar costs 11500 PKR for a 100-kilogram bag.
  • Sugar is now selling for 122 Pakistani Rupees per kilogram.
  • Wholesale sugar costs 120 Pakistani Rupees per kg.
Sugar Price in Pakistan
PunjabRs. 96-125
SindhRs. 92-120
KPKRs. 110-120
BalochistanRs. 110-125

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Factors That Can Have an Effect

The sugar price in Pakistan in 2023 may be affected by a number of different circumstances.

  • Weather

Pakistan is situated in a region that is very vulnerable to natural disasters like floods and droughts. Sugar prices may rise in 2023 if natural disasters like floods or droughts disrupt sugar output across the country.

  • Production

The agriculture industry in Pakistan has undergone significant transformations in recent decades. There has been a decline in the output of sugar and other crops as the country’s traditional agricultural industries have been gradually displaced by industrial activity. As a result, sugar prices may go down in 2023.

  • Official Policy

Pakistan’s central government has a major stake in the country’s sugar industry. Sugar prices can be raised or lowered by the government in the form of subsidies or taxes.

  • Imports

A fall in the price of sugar in 2023 may result from an increase in sugar imports into Pakistan, a country that relies largely on sugar imports from other countries.

  • Foreign Market Factors

The price of sugar in Pakistan is susceptible to fluctuations in supply and demand on global markets. In 2023, for instance, sugar prices in Pakistan can go up if there is a rise in demand for sugar on the international market.


Sugarcane is the primary crop utilized in the production of sugar in Pakistan, making the country a major exporter of sugar. Many sugar mills may be found dispersed over the country, attesting to the importance of this sector to the economy. A minimum support price for sugarcane and taxes on imported sugar are only two examples of the measures the government of Pakistan has taken in recent years to prop up the country’s sugar industry. The sugar sector in Pakistan has seen its share of ups and downs, including price swings and allegations of hoarding on the part of sugar mill owners.

To summarize, determining the price of sugar in Pakistan in the year 2023 is a difficult undertaking to do. Sugar prices may be influenced by a variety of factors, such as production levels, the policies of various governments, and the dynamics of the worldwide market. However, analysts anticipate that Pakistan’s sugar price would have reached a stable level by the year 2023.

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