Budget 2023: BISP Announce 2500 on Birth of Girl and 2000 on Boy

BISP Announce

The Benazir Income Support Program (BISP) has announced cash rewards for the birth of boys and girls in Pakistan for the upcoming fiscal year 2023 in an effort to promote and reward Pakistani parents for having more children. This is in line with the Pakistani government’s National Social Protection Policy, which prioritizes the welfare of the nation’s most disadvantaged residents.

Cash Grants for the Birth of Boys and Girls by BISP

According to the new policy, a monetary gift in the amount of PKR 2,000 (about $12.75) will be given to families who have given birth to a baby boy, and a monetary grant in the amount of PKR 2,500 (approximately $16.50) will be given to families who have given birth to a baby girl. The financial award will be given to the parents of the newborn kid as soon as they have registered the birth of their child at the community health facility.

The financial assistance is meant to serve two purposes: first, as an incentive for families to have more children; and second, to improve the standard of living for children.

The cash awards are a component of a bigger program designed to aid low-income families. Several public health efforts were also established by the government to help lower newborn and maternal death rates. For instance, the government has started vaccinating kids for free from the ages of two months to five years. The immunizations against nine of the worst diseases are provided at no cost under the program. 

The funding is a part of a bigger program in Pakistan with the goal of ending discrimination against women. There are just 83 women for every 100 men in Pakistan, making it a country with one of the lowest female-to-male ratios in the world. This program will assist ensure that girls and boys have access to the same educational and other opportunities.

A Few Essential Factors

  • Payments for the birth of both boys and girls are part of Pakistan’s National Social Protection Policy.
  • Cash grants of PKR 2,000 will be given to families with newborn males, and PKR 2,500 will be given to families with newborn girls.
  • It is hoped that this program would eventually lead to greater career options for women and a more equitable society overall. 
  • Public health campaigns and vocational training programs are among the other activities prioritized by the Pakistani government in its efforts to eliminate poverty and inequality.

The program is significant because it demonstrates the government’s dedication to social security. This national strategy highlights the government’s dedication to promoting and protecting individuals’ basic rights, such as the establishment of a minimum level of social security. All Pakistanis will be afforded sufficient safeguards against poverty, inequality, and insecurity, according to the plan’s stated goals.

Improved public-private partnerships and vocational training programs are only two examples of the government’s efforts to expand employment opportunities in the country. The goal of these efforts is to increase economic growth and prosperity by producing jobs for an expanding population.

The Government of Pakistan is attempting to increase social protection in the country by providing cash awards to families upon the birth of boys and girls. The program will likely have far-reaching effects on gender parity and the economy. It is envisaged that this would be a significant factor in the country’s economic growth and prosperity.

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