Govt Set to Launch New Ehsaas Programs in June Budget said by Govt officials

Govt Set to Launch

The government’s 2023-24 budget presentation date has been set on June 9, Finance Minister Ishaq Dar announced on Thursday.

He told reporters that China would be willing to roll over another $2.4 billion and that it was up to the IMF to sign the staff-level agreement (SLA). Adding, “We cannot take hard decisions upon the IMF’s recommendations,” he said.

He assured the IMF that Pakistan has done everything it could to meet their demands.

The minister continued by saying that the government intended to pay the $3.7 billion due in May and June, and that doing so would present no difficulties.

Mr. Dar had previously stated that even without the IMF arrangement, Pakistan would not default.

The IMF’s requirements have been fulfilled, he stated during the Islamabad Security Dialogue. Rumors of a default in Pakistan should stop, and global politics based on unfairness toward the country should halt, he said. He also mentioned that an international ratings firm had spoken out against the default.

Mr. Dar continued by saying Pakistan owed $3.7 billion through June and promised to make all payments on time. “Pakistan’s foreign exchange reserves are $10 billion,” he continued.

On May 9th, the IMF and Pakistan concluded their negotiations, with the IMF stating that they required additional time to finalize the Staff-level agreement (SLA).

Govt Set to Launch

Updated Ehsaas Program for June 2023

Ehsaas Ba-Himmat Buzurg Program

Those 65 and older in our society can now receive Rs 2,000 per month thanks to the new ehsaas program 2023, which also includes additional benefits. Online Ehsaas CNIC verification via texting the CNIC to 8171. Women 60 and up get a cash payment of Rs 2000. The men in the family can collect the inheritance if the woman is not around to do so. Government employees who have already participated in the NSER BISP survey can skip the online application process.

Ehsaas Counselling Program

The Program’s main goal is to establish a system of qualified counselors who can offer assistance to those in distress on an emotional and mental level. The counselors’ primary focus will be on mental health, and they will work mostly with couples, families, and adolescents.

Ehsaas Health Insurance Program

All citizens, but especially those with lesser incomes, will be able to obtain full medical care thanks to this program. This will shield them against catastrophic medical bills and lighten their financial load in the event of an unexpected medical emergency.

Ehsaas Education Program

The initiative’s main goal is to help underprivileged groups get the education and resources they need to thrive. It will help individuals who can’t afford college get an education by providing scholarships to those who need them.

Ehsaas Workplace Initiative

The goal of this program is to increase the number of available jobs for the public, particularly in underserved areas. People who have been out of work for a long time will receive tailored training and assistance as part of this initiative.

Ehsaas Arts and Culture Program

The country’s arts and culture will receive a boost from this initiative. It will help to secure performance spaces, incentivize artistic renaissances, and fund exceptionally gifted persons in the arts.

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