Steel Rate in Pakistan Today 2024 [Iron Price] Grade 40 & 60

Steel Rate in Pakistan Today: Steel is the most important and often used metal in building in Pakistan. It can be put to many different purposes and serves many different functions. It finds use in building, engineering, fabricating, and manufacturing of many kinds. Since Pakistan’s independence, it has played a significant role in the country’s economic growth, and demand has only increased.

The steel price in Pakistan is anticipated to rise gradually throughout the year 2024 in tandem with the country’s construction and infrastructure initiatives and rising demand for the steel sector.

Over the past decade, Pakistan’s infrastructure has undergone tremendous growth and alteration. The continual increase in demand for steel to use in construction and engineering projects across the country has caused the price of steel in Pakistan to climb.

Steel Rate in Pakistan Today

Steel Rate in Pakistan in 2024

  • Steel prices in Pakistan are based on a number of variables, such as supply and demand, transportation expenses, and the cost of importing and storing the metal.
  • Pakistan’s sales tax rate on imported goods affects the cost of steel in the country.
  • Steel products are abundant in Pakistan, and include sheets, bars, pipelines, constructions, plates, and more. To better serve the needs of our customers, we provide these goods in a wide range of dimensions and forms.
  • It’s likely that Pakistan’s steel price won’t change much in 2024. The market is projected to continue its current trend, despite possible price fluctuations.
  • A stronger economy and increased demand for steel goods have led to price increases.
  • Steel goods are priced according to their weight, dimensions, and any other relevant criteria.
  • As a key input cost, steel in Pakistan has repercussions throughout sectors like manufacturing, construction, automotive, and more.

In 2024, steel prices in Pakistan are projected to rise in response to rising demand from the country’s construction and infrastructure initiatives. Steel prices in Pakistan would rise due to the many factors that affect market prices, including the construction, infrastructure, and industrial sectors.

Steel Price Table 2024

City Wise Rates40 Grade Price Per KG40 Grade Price Per Ton60 Grade Price Per KG60 Grade Price Per Ton
IslamabadRs. 242 Per KGRs. 242,000 Per Metric TonRs. 244 Per KGRs. 244,000 Per Metric Ton
FaisalabadRs. 241 Per KGRs. 241,000 Per Metric TonRs. 243 Per KGRs. 243,000 Per Metric Ton
LahoreRs. 241 Per KGRs. 241,000 Per Metric TonRs. 243 Per KGRs. 243,000 Per Metric Ton
KarachiRs. 244 Per KGRs. 244,000 Per Metric TonRs. 246 Per KGRs. 246,000 Per Metric Ton
GujranwalaRs. 239 Per KGRs. 239,000 Per Metric TonRs. 241 Per KGRs. 241,000 Per Metric Ton
PeshawarRs. 240 Per KGRs. 240,000 Per Metric TonRs. 242 Per KGRs. 242,000 Per Metric Ton

Steel Import and Export

  • Pakistan relies heavily on foreign suppliers for its steel needs.
  • When it comes to steel imports, Pakistan is among the top countries, with only India coming close.
  • In addition to the United Kingdom, and other countries are major destinations for Pakistan’s steel exports.
  • Pakistan’s steel exports are important to the country’s economy, and thanks to ambitious plans for worldwide growth, those exports are expected to rise in 2024.
  • The government of Pakistan has taken steps including removing import barriers in order to guarantee a low-cost supply of steel.
  • The government of Pakistan has made a number of efforts to expand steel exports in recent years.

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It is anticipated that steel demand in Pakistan will continue to increase in 2024 as a result of the nation’s ongoing initiatives, infrastructure development, and growing demand for steel products. This has consequently led to a rise in the price of steel in Pakistan, which is expected to remain stable over the next year.

Taking steps to reduce import taxes, duties, and tariffs, the Pakistani government has taken a variety of measures to make steel more affordable. In addition, Pakistan seeks to expand its steel export market in order to participate in the global steel boom.

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