PVC Sheet Price in Pakistan 2023 [Acrylic Wall Sheet] New Rates

PVC Sheet Price in Pakistan

Polyvinyl chloride (PVC) is a material that has several applications and is widely used. It’s commonly used and easily accessible in Pakistan. This material is perfect for a wide range of tasks due to its excellent durability, resistance to the elements, inability to catch fire, and low price. Here, we’ll look at what 2023 PVC sheet prices in Pakistan will be like.

PVC has various applications, from the construction industry to the medical field. In addition, it is the best option for a wide range of home improvement tasks because of its inexpensive cost in contrast to other materials. The construction sector in Pakistan is rapidly adopting this material due to its wide availability in a range of sizes and thicknesses.

Cost of PVC sheets in Pakistan

The price of PVC sheets in Pakistan varies widely depending on the variety of PVC being purchased. PVC wall panel prices change with factors like manufacturer, material, and style. PVC wall panels cost approximately Rs. 511 on average in Pakistan, plus an increase in price for larger sizes. For a slightly higher price, certain retailers will also fulfill personalized requests.

Sr #Material DescriptionPrice
16mm PVC Sheet Price in Pakistan9500 Rs/sheet
28mm PVC Sheet Price in Pakistan13500 Rs/sheet
312mm PVC Sheet Price in Pakistan16500 Rs/sheet

Let’s look at some popular PVC sheets used in Pakistan

  1. PVC Corrugated Sheets:

Corrugated polyvinyl chloride (PVC) sheets are frequently used as a safer alternative to asbestos in roofing. They’re easy to transport, soundproof exceptionally well, and look great. In addition to being cheap, these also come in opaque and see-through variations.

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  1. Flat PVC Sheets:

Many different types of protective films are made from flat sheets of PVC. Covering indoor or outdoor structures with them can shield them from weather and provide an extra layer of security.

  1. PVC Foam Sheets: 

These sheets have excellent mechanical strength and insulating qualities in addition to being long-lasting and resistant to acid. These are also helpful since they protect against the effects of extreme weather. They are widely employed in the production of storage containers, pipes, and automobile parts.

  1. Acrylic Sheet: 

Acrylic sheets, which come in both clear and opaque varieties, have a wide range of possible uses due to their adaptability. They’re getting increasingly popular in Pakistan thanks to their widespread use and the fact that they’re both lightweight and robust.

  1. PVC Laminated Sheets:

This material is perfect for digital printing because it can be printed on and is also waterproof. PVC laminated sheets are commonly utilized in placement and display works due to their malleability and versatility.

Final Words

There will be a dramatic increase in demand for PVC sheets in Pakistan’s rapidly expanding building industry by the year 2023. There’s no doubting that PVC sheets, in their many forms, are simpler to work with, cheaper, and more durable than more conventional materials. Therefore, PVC sheets will remain a popular option for builders for the foreseeable future.

Fire-Retardant PVC Sheets, Color-Coated PVC Sheets, Anti-Static PVC Sheets, and Digitally Printable PVC Sheets are just some of the other options. Once again, the size and material determine the final price tag.

When compared to other building materials, PVC is quite inexpensive in Pakistan. It’s crucial to shop around before purchasing a PVC sheet because their pricing and features vary widely. The PVC Sheet Price in Pakistan in 2023 is estimated using historical data.

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